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East CapitalĀ“s Cookie Policy

“Cookies” are small files that a website causes to be stored on your computer when you browse a website. They enable the website to provide information to you that is based on previous choices and answers you have given during your visit to the website.

Cookies are text files and cannot harm your computer, no personal information is stored in your cookie and East Capital does not use cookies to record your personal information such as your IP address.

Cookies on East Capital’s website
We use cookies to remember your choice of language when using the site, how visitors use our website, recall your answers to preferences such as participation in website surveys, remembering which country you have selected as your home country, and where you have indicated that you have accepted or read important legal information about the products we provide.

Cookies for visitor statistics
We use cookies to help us get accurate visitor statistics.

Consent - If you use a web browser that accepts cookies whilst looking our website then you will be deemed to have consented to the use of cookies.

Turn off cookies in your web browser - If you do not consent the use of cookies, you can disable the use of cookies in your web browser, or select an “Incognito” or “InPrivate” browsing mode in your web browser. However, this will affect your ability to log-in to our online services.

Most browsers will allow you to delete any cookies that may have already been saved on your computer.

Our cookies

  1. ASP.NET_SessionId
    User session id. The cookie is set after user opened EastCapital application. The cookie is set by ASP.NET.

  2. lang
    The cookie contains current language value. The cookie is set after user selected language on welcome page.

  3. welcomePageLink
    The cookie contains a link to welcome page. The cookie is set after user selected language on welcome page. If user navigates welcome page again he/she will be redirected to the link.

  4. fundList-<id>
    The cookie indicates if user accepted fund list disclaimer. The cookie is set after user accepted fund list disclaimer, where <id> is fund list page content reference.